Writer, ghostwriter, Amazon contest winner, international author, and genre-blending maniac

CC shot_croppedI’ve known I wanted to write since the age of ten or so. The first thing of any length I ever wrote was an apocalyptic mystery that was a blatant rip off of The Stand, written when I was fourteen. It was not good.

In the time that has passed, I’ve managed to get a little better. I’ve had more than fifty short stories and poems published in online and print publications, most notably being included in Norton’s Hint Fiction Anthology. I’ve written in a wide range of publications and mediums, from a horror anthology thematically based on The Wizard of Oz to writing the script for the mobile choose-your-adventure game, Buried.

The early part of my career was spent writing horror and dark fantasy, resulting in the publication of a few novels including The Bleeding Room, Serpentine, and Nests (which made me an international author). More recent titles include my venture into self-publishing with my Cooper M. Reid series. I have also had some small press success in the Christian fiction market with my books Break Every Chain and Bound.

In addition to my work as a ghostwriter and my published works, I also work under a few pen names in order to write in different genres while still maintaining my sanity.

I spend my days working as a ghostwriter on primarily creative non-fiction and fiction of the thriller, middle grade, and young adult varieties.

I enjoy ambient electronic music, coffee, and irony.



I have eight years of experience in ghostwriting. The vast majority of the projects I work on fall within the mystery/thriller, horror, middle grade, or young adult genres. I’ve worked for a wide range of clients, from literary agencies to stay-at-home parents with the dream of getting a book out into the world.

Never comfortable to trap myself to one specific genre or client base, here’s a quick snapshot of some of the projects I’ve completed as a ghostwriter and/or co-writer over the lasHarry_RunHarry_larget five years.

  • A 5-novel crime drama series
  • A young adult dystopian novel
  • Basic book doctoring and rewrites/editing for the leader of a missions-driven ministry
  • 6 books within a wide-arching middle grade series (The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon)
  • A middle grade fantasy novel
  • A mystery/drama about immigration fraud
  • A horror novel loosely based on the urban legend of the Jersey Devil
  • A paranormal romance

As you can see, I’m open to just about any genre (no erotica, please) and have worked with many different types of clients. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding rates or scheduling.



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