friday, finally

This week has been a trying one.

I’ve been a single parent all week (more on that below).  In that time, my son came down with a virus and now, as the week closes, I have caught it as well.  It’s not so bad…according to the pediatrician, there’s just a bug going around where a fever runs for about 2 days then goes away.  No other symptoms.  So all is well, I guess.

In this single parent week, I have done things around the house that I sometimes don’t do when my wife is home.  I have watched the bulk of Season 1 of The X-Files (she’s not a fan at all) and, more importantly, I wrote.  I wrote a lot.  That is, of course, after the kiddos were asleep (I have 2).

I was able to wrap up Everything Theory, Book 1 and also wrote a nice chunk to Sleepyheads.  Everyhing Theory is currently out in the hands of beta readers, so the time for it to go out into the world is very near.

Now…the cause for my being a single parent.  And I’m really only sharing this because it is, in my opinion, a very cool and moving situation. I won’t get into too much detail because I for one get irked when writers go off on political or religious tangents on their blogs and sometimes even in their writing (yet I still like King, go figure).  I will say only that (get ready to have your mind blown) my family attends church on a fairly regular basis.  My wife has gotten very involved as of late and was given the opportunity to go to Nicaragua for a week as part of a missions type project.

She arrived there last Sunday and arrives home in two days.  While there, she and a group of women have been spending time with abused girls.  Something I didn’t know: brothels and prostitution in that area of the world are extremely common and, quite frankly, horrifying.  Some families actually sell their daughters into these brothels just so heir families can make a living.

The disgusting part is that some of these girls are as young as 7 or 8 years old.  What my wife and this group of women are doing is sitting with these young girls and women, teaching them other trades like sewing, cooking, making cards for tourist (a surprisingly popular thing in that area) and things of that nature.  And for those girls that have been a part of that lifestyle for so long that they see it as a common thing, this group tries to instill a sense of worth and hope in them.

So that’s why I’ve been a single parent this week.  And I think it’s totally worth it.  And there’s a “something you didn’t know about Barry” tidbit for you.  Sometimes though, I think certain things simply need to be shared.  I’m excited for my wife and am looking forward to some of the stories she’s sure to ring back.

That’s all out of me for now.  Have a Happy 4th, everyone.


2 Replies to “friday, finally”

  1. That would be a wonderful, if very sad experience — how cool! The situation of sex workers around the world is a complex subject, one of those things we like to pretend doesn’t happen. :/

    I hope your fever abates quickly, and that you and the kids enjoy the Dad Time 😀

  2. Wow. I am an atheist an was all ready with the sarcastic comments but that totally shut me up. What a worthy and selfless thing your wife’s group is doing.

    X-Files rock, by the way.

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