Why Horror Needs More “Less is More”

I’ve always been a huge advocate of having the big scares in horror being more subtle in nature. To me, a great horror movie is built around scares that occur off-screen. When you have to show right slap dab in the middle of the screen what it is that we’re supposed to be scared of, then I question the strength of the story-teller.

Case in point…


That short film won the best director category at the 2013 BC Horror Challenge. In my opinion, it does an excellent job of building suspense and really just creeping you out. The way we stay under the covers with the lady for a bit is well done. I thought this was an excellent short film…

…but the final 2 seconds killed it.

Had we not seen that thing (girl?) it would have been so much more effective. I won’t even blame it on a small budget. Hollywood money couldn’t have made up for it. It was unnecessary and, in my opinion, negated the fright that the rest of the film built up.

This is just me, though. Maybe it’s all part of the way the story is delivered. Thoughts?


One Reply to “Why Horror Needs More “Less is More””

  1. I agree. That hallway bit was fantastic. And yeah, I jumped and I would have taped that light switch up too. But the end took away a little from the overall scare.

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