A Horseshoe Where the Sun Don’t Shine

ImageYou know how you hear about a big part of self publishing success coming down to luck and timing?

It’s not something a writer likes to hear. Who wants to hear that the key to your success isn’t fully in your control and comes down to nothing but luck? I hated to read/hear that as I tried everything I could to make more sales and write more books.

Here’s the thing though…it’s absolutely true.

Case in point: ever since the end of December, The Bleeding Room has been selling well. Now, these aren’t huge life changing numbers by any means. But they are the best numbers I have ever seen in my path as a writer…both traditionally published and self published. Where before I could maybe pay one bill with my monthly earnings, it’s now more like 3 or 4. It’s been cool to see the numbers go higher and higher each month and, as a result, a few more sales for my other titles trickle in.

Here’s where it gets frustrating, though. I have no idea why The Bleeding Room is suddenly selling so well. When it was traditionally published, it saw moderate sales. But in March alone, I made more The Bleeding Room sales through self publishing than I saw in it’s two year contract with its publisher.

Of course, I’d love to find out what happened and try to duplicate the formula with my other books. If I could do that, I could quit the ghostwriting and work on my own stuff full time.

Here are some reasons I think sales for The Bleeding Room may have spiked. And I only offer them for those of you that were like me about a year ago, wondering why the hell nothing is selling.

  1. The exposure I got from Nests, through Severed Press caused people to check out some of mt other titles.
  2. I have always gotten positive comments about the cover
  3. It was on a  Customers Who Bought This Title Also Purchased list with Joe Schreiber, Bentley Little, and Brian Keen titles for about a month.
  4. Amazon has apparently switched up their categories. I didn’t know their was a category for ghost/haunted houses until The Bleeding Room broke the Top 100 and lingered in the 20-30 range for a few weeks.

So, as an impartial audience, as readers, why would you choose The Bleeding Room over my other titles? Maybe you can help me make sense of it.


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