What are YOU waiting for?

As someone that is still sitting on two novels that I started more than four years ago, I can understand the time it takes to put into the creative process. Therefore, you’d think I’d understand why it takes so long for authors, filmmakers, musicians and the like to release their next projects.

Of course, in a world where we are now spoiled by instant gratification on damn near everything, most of us just don’t have that sort of patience. We have to know the release dates of movies about a year and a half in advance.  We must know the exact date our favorite television show is going to be returning. We have to know well in advance when our favorite new band’s album is going to drop…or, to be more specific, when it’s going to be available on Spotify.

I’m guilty of most of these. And with that said, here’s a list of things I am patiently waiting on in terms of entertainment and have been for years. Because, you know, we’re all entitled these days.

Feed us, entertain us, zone us out and take our money.

Ghostbusters 3

At this point, this movie is going to suck. There’s no way it will live up to the long, drawn out build-up. It could potentially be saved with the right cast (Paul Rudd has to go in there somewhere as far as I’m concerned), but with a whole new cast, it might as well just be a totally different movie devoid of the Ghostbusters franchise. Still, I’ll watch it because my inner child is throwing a tantrum for this thing to finally be made.

Someone just go ahead and make the Dark Tower movies, please.

I think the question of will this ever be made into a movie? is no longer an actual question. Of course it will. The last few years have proven than dark serialized TV is successful. This thing would be huge somewhere like HBO or even FX. Of course, rumor has it that Ron Howard and co. are eying this and want to create it in the scope of 3 movies with two television seasons merging them all. I think it could also work cinematically as 5-7 movies but I don’t think it would attract the audience needed for the studio investment.

The Third Book of the Art

Clive Barker’s Great and Secret Show and Everville have long been some of my favorite books. Known as his Books of the Art, there has been a third one scheduled for at least fifteen years. I’ve had to endure the Abarat books and that weird book about the devil, but still no third book of the Art. I don’t know that I have ever anticipated a book this much…not even when I went through that really weird comic book phase in college.

The Deftones’ Eros album

It’s done. The band has even released a track. But it was shelved after Chi, their bassist, died after battling a coma for several years. Rumored as resembling their White Pony album, my ears are eagerly anticipating this one.

The third X-Files movie

While no one has green-lit this yet, I feel like it would be stupid for Fox to let this go. Sure, the second film didn’t do so well, but that’s because it a) steered away from the alien mythology and b)opened against The Dark Knight. If Chris Carter writes an alien-centric script and pitched it to Fox, wrapping up the storyline to the series finale, it could be a great movie…a potentially huge success. And even if none of this happens, I don’t see why Kickstarter wouldn’t work to get it going.

The Sandman movie

If done right, the Sandman movie could be epic. The bug part, to me, is that Gaiman has to be involved in the script. And I don’t just mean as an overseer…as an actual full-fledged contributor. Joseph Gordon Levitt is attached to star and possibly direct, so it could be…interesting. (?)


How about you good folks? What is your patience wearing thin for? Share below, and spill any details you have on what others leave.


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