Intel from “Almost There” Territory

A few months back, I wrote this post about how there are a huge group of writers that are planted in the “Haven’t Made it Yet” camp.

I am happy to inform you that in that time, I have been upgraded to the very similar but a bit more exciting “Almost There” camp.

How did it happen? Well, I’m not sure. But here are some things I experimented with in the last six months that seemed to have helped sales increase. Keep in mind, I am still not earning enough to make a living on my writing. Not by a long shot. But since I wrote the previously mentioned post, my sales have more that tripled.

So what did I learn?

The 0.99 Price Point is NOT Dead…But It’s Not Throwing Any Parties Either.

Every now and then, I’ll drop the price of one of my novels to $0.99 in the hopes of selling a few more copies and increasing the chances of a review. In the last year, this tactic has usually resulted in a few more sales. In the past six months, this has remained true. In the case of The Bleeding Room, dropping the price to $0.99 resulted in it breaking the top 25 in its category and hanging out there for 2 weeks even after I knocked the price back up to $3.99.

So while I wouldn’t suggest LEAVING your price at $0.99, I think there is some value with dropping at least one of your titles to this price point for a week or so every month. Also, if you decide to do this, place a headline in your description, stating that it’s a sale so the Amazon browser realizes that they are getting a deal.

I’m Not Sure About the Effectiveness of Box Sets.

This probably changes for everyone, but my collection of 3 novels, These Dark Woods, has sold miserably. This, to me, is odd because it is priced at $5.99 whereas The Bleeding Room is $3.99 and still sells very well. I am planning to run a week-long sales on These Dark Woods soon. Maybe a KDP Countdown Deal and hope for the Amazon exposure. Speaking of which…

KDP Countdown Deals Work

Every single time I have launched a countdown deal on my books, it has worked. I have noticed that it seems to be pointless to set two price reductions (from $0.99 to $1.99 and then back to final price). It’s been apparent to me that after that first increase towards regular price, the sales basically stop cold. But when it is set at $0.99 and labelled as a countdown deal, sales have always seen a spike. This was especially true when Nests somehow managed to land on Amazon’s own Countdown Deals front page. (Still not sure how that happened…)

The caveat here, of course, is that what had sort of worked for me might not work for anyone else. I think it comes down to genre and, naturally, the popularity of the writer.

What other intel can you share that might help others get upgraded?


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