Making Snow Angels

About six months ago, I started writing the Cooper M. Reid Books. Dark Water is already out and I expect the follow up, Rival Blood, to be released around December. (The third is also in the works, as I am writing them at the same time in a weird experiment that actually seems to be working).

Link that with the fact that I am also trying to get the third book of Everything Theory out by next April, and I have quite a lot on my plate.

I have a plan, though…which I will likely reveal here in the next few months. It’s a plan that means much of my time will be spent on the Everything Theory and Cooper M. Reid books.

To clear out my mind, I had two horror books I wanted to write first. I knew this before I started the first Cooper book. I started one of them before beginning Cooper and I am currently under contract with Severed Press to finish that novel, called Serpentine, and I hope to have it completed by December.

The other horror story I wanted to write ended up being a 35,000 word novella called Snow Angels.

I am happy to report that Snow Angels has been completed and is now available through Amazon. I’m not “officially” releasing it until October 7th, but you can grab it for your Kindle today through Amazon’s nifty new pre-order tool.

snowangels copyAn early morning phone call stirs Winn awake to find that his wife is missing. There is a stranger on the other end of the phone that claims he has kidnapped Winn’s wife. If Winn ever wants to see her alive again, he must bring the stranger his son…who died three years ago.

Upon visiting the cemetery where his son was buried, Winn is shocked to find an empty hole where his son was laid to rest.

Winn is thrown into a search for the man responsible for all of this, a man that local fables have labelled a monster of sorts. He must face his own demons along the way, discovering that the darkness within himself might be darker than anything he had previously imagined.

Pick up your pre-order copy here.


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