Putting the “Ghost” in Ghostwriting

Not too long ago, as I was talking about my ghostwriting work on Twitter, a writer seemed shocked and borderline disgusted that I would turn to ghostwriting as a means of income. To them, it seemed like a betrayal of my own ideas and work. And to be honest, there are days where I feel like this.

But ultimately, here’s what it boils down to: I have not yet started making enough with my own writing to provide for my family. Ghostwriting bridges that gap and while I don’t enjoy every project I work on, I am still being paid to write. I am being paid to do something I love.

It’s a question that comes up a lot. “How do you balance the ghostwriting with your own writing?”

It’s harder than you might think, but I’ve worked out something of a formula for it over the last few years. All of this, really, just leads to a post that I wrote on my Phantom Pen Ghostwriting blog two years ago and it’s sort of inspiring to read it all over again and see that all of it still rings true.

If you care to read it, you can do so here.


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