A Free Ride in a Truck with a Ghost

My feelings on Amazon have been weird over the last week. I’m still finding the whole idea of them running a physical bookstore sort of weird. It doesn’t feel right somehow. It feels like a really weird chess strategy, or maybe some military tactic I don’t understand. Still…another bookstore in the world can’t be all bad.

But I digress.

The one thing I still really do like about Amazon is the freedom they give the writers that use their publishing platform.

For instance…my short story collection 13 Broken Nightlights has ever sold particularly well. Let’s be honest…not well at all. So far this year, it has sold a whopping 16 copies. However, my individual short stories, priced at $0.99 each tend to sell at a pretty consistent raRTGte.

So I have decided to release another one. The plan is to probably release all of the “favorites” from the collection (there are 13) as individual stories.

The latest is actually one of my personal favorites. Titled “Riding in Trucks with Ghosts”, it got several rejections from horror anthologies, one of which stated that it was too touching to be included in a horror anthology.

You can grab your copy here.

Or if you just leave your favorite book of 2015 in the comments sections, I’ll send you a free copy (offer ends Dec. 1, 2015).


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