The 15-Minute Novel Experiment

I have yet to reach the point where I can live solely on the sales of my own writing. That’s why I work as a ghostwriter by day, a career that has, over the past few years, become much more lucrative and rewarding than I could have ever hoped.

Because much of my writing time is taken up by work/ghostwriting, free time to write my own stuff is sometimes hard to come by. On most days, I allow myself at least 20 minutes to work on my own writing. Here and there, usually on weekends or the occasional rare weeknight, I can manage to sneak in an hour and a half or so. Sure, I’d like more time to work on my own material but the family needs to eat, so work comes first.

Believe it or not, those 20 minute sessions are usually pretty productive. I’m writing with the knowledge that time is short and I need to get the words out ASAP. Some of my best writing of the last year or so has come from those sessions.

Lately, better ghostwriting jobs have allowed me to not drown myself to get by and is allowing a bit more time to work on my own writing. And before I get carried away and make the mistake of getting way behind in work while I figure out ways to work on my own stuff more and more, I came up with an idea

Rather than go overboard and try something irrational like allowing an hour or two a day on my own stuff, I’m only going to give myself an extra 15 minutes. I know that I won’t have the luxury of those 15 minutes every day, but I’m going to try to allow it. And within that 15 minutes, I’ll be working on the same book. So, essentially, I’m going to attempt writing a book in 15-minute increments.

The book has been outlined (it was a book that I wanted to start writing last year and never got the chance) and is basically ready to go. I’ll start today, setting a timer on my phone for 15 minutes.

Never one to guesstimate a word count before I start writing, I have no idea how long this book will be. Based on the plot, it shouldn’t be too awful long, as it takes place over the course of a single night.

So let’s give this a try. I’ll post regular updates here on the progress of the book. Any guesses as to how long this will take?


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