A Hard Reset

My last post talked about my decision to un-publish all of the self-published work I had up that had no redeeming qualities. It’s no secret that I got my start writing horror…and some of that horror was straight up grim and gory. I’ve never been a fan of gore for the sake of gore, but looking back on it I feel that some of my material flirted with that rule.

So, after taking a few titles down, I was left with two other horror books that were under contract with a publisher. I figured there was no sense in really pursuing this because of contractual obligations. I felt I had done what God was leading me to do and had to be content with that. If I’ve learned anything in my Christian life, it’s that when we show obedience, He will respond in some form or another.

This was no exception.

Two weeks resetafter making that decision, I got an e-mail from Severed Press, the press that my titles Serpentine and Nests were published by. While neither of these books are really evil per se, they were also not in line with my current writing goals. (Although, fun note: there was originally going to be a subplot in Nests that would have made it a weird sort of Christian fiction that I decided not to add because it changed the scope of the story).

The e-mail I received informed me that they would be effectively killing those titles because sales were not going so well.

Honestly, it hurt for about two minutes. But then I realized the freedom in this. While I am incredibly proud of both of those books (Nests, in particular, holds a forever spot in my heart), having Severed remove them was sort of the answer to a prayer I had been too scared to voice.

I now have the freedom to work with a Hard Reset. Bound is maybe the best example of the writing I’d like to pursue in the foreseeable future. I am working on two projects that are both Christian fiction in scope, but dark and a little dreary. In the past, I’d be concerned about brand confusion and all of that nonsense. But because of this Hard Reset, that worry is gone.

This is also a good place to also state that brand confusion should not be a thing. A writer should be able to write what they want to write—which is why at one time I had titles concerning both the gospel presented through the prevention of sex trafficking and inter-dimensional monsters at the same time.

Is it sad to see fewer titles on my Amazon page? Absolutely.

But the cool thing about this series of events is that it’s a tangible and very clear indication that the decision I made to take my earlier work down was the right one…a God-led one, in fact. And the fall of Serpentine and Nests is, as far as I’m concerned, God coming along behind me and cleaning the rest up.

Nests may see life again one day, with the complete Christian arc in place. In the meantime, I’m very excited about my current projects and where this incredibly crazy writing career is taking me.

The plans are many but the time is few. And that’s apparently one thing about my writing that will never change.


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