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DARK WATER (Cooper M. Reid #1)

Dark Water 5x8_SmallAs a former Special Agent within a shadow branch of the government, Cooper M. Reid’s work took him to some odd places…researching time vortexes in Kansas, demons in Norway, and UFOs in Jerusalem. The work only got weirder when he decided to go rogue and start investigating for himself.

So it came as no real surprise when he disappeared one year ago.

Now that he has re-appeared, Cooper has no recollection of what happened to him. All he knows is that he is now driven to help those that are being tormented by the paranormal, and that he needs to stay hidden from the people he once worked for.

In DARK WATER, Cooper finds himself drawn to a beach-side community in North Carolina where children are drowning by inexplicable means. But what Cooper quickly discovers is that while the deaths are certainly tragic, the real horror lies in what drew the children to the ocean in the first place.



RIVAL BLOOD (Cooper M. Reid #2)


In RIVAL BLOOD, Cooper learns that members of an inner-city gang are dying off in gruesome and mysterious ways. He believes it’s the work of a mythological creature that he always believed to be nothing more than fiction. As he investigates deeper he finds himself not only in the middle of a potential gang war, but also hunted by a seemingly unstoppable monster.






Break Every Chain copyIn his first venture outside of the horrific and supernatural, Barry Napier tackles the personal and controversial topics of faith and sexual slavery with Break Every Chain.

Can you imagine what it would be like for a person who has no real faith to be thrown into a situation in a foreign place where his faith is the only thing that can save his life?
After running his life into the gutter through alcoholism and sexual addiction, Ryan Fulbright takes part in an impromptu mission’s trip in an attempt to redirect his life. Ryan visits a rescue home for underage girls in Nicaragua who have been rescued from sexual slavery. Seeking answers, he quickly finds himself at war with his fragile faith.

In the midst of this, he becomes involved in an ill-advised rescue attempt that leaves him stranded and wounded in the mountains of Nicaragua. With only a six-year-old girl to help, Ryan needs to not only figure out how to survive, but also how to save several young girls who have recently been sold into sexual slavery.





serp3Clarkton Lake is a picturesque vacation spot located in rural Virginia, great for fishing, skiing, and wasting summer days away.

But this summer, something is different. When butchered bodies are discovered in the water and along the muddy banks of Clarkton Lake, what starts out as a typical summer on the lake quickly turns into a nightmare.

This summer, something new lives in the lake…something that was born in the darkest depths of the ocean and accidentally brought to these typically peaceful waters.

It’s getting bigger, it’s getting smarter…and it’s always hungry.





nests FinalThe monsters came out of nowhere. Even before we starting dropping nuclear warheads on them, we didn’t know where they came from. We just knew that they were huge. Most of the population perished as a result of the monsters, the bombs, or the fallout.

Those that survived roamed the landscape for supplies or other people. Some of them discovered that the monsters left behind nests that sit upon the landscape like sunken storm clouds. And something inside is alive.

Kendra and Eric face their own trials as they seek out a rumored military safe zone. With a baby in tow and violence at every turn, the nests become an afterthought until they find themselves forced to enter one. Inside, there is only death and madness—something they will have to adapt to if they want to survive.




BoundAs John Brighton is helping clean up his church one night, a distressed and frightened man shows up looking for help. John reluctantly decides to lend a hand and, as a result, comes face to face with genuine evil. A young man named Donovan has been possessed by an evil presence and even with the help of the church’s pastor, elders, and a demonology expert, all attempt to banish the presence are unsuccessful.

As if that weren’t bad enough, John quickly learns that the evil he is facing seems to know intimate details about his son…particularly about the car accident that put his son into a coma nearly one year ago.

Through a dark maze of spiritual warfare and shaken faith, John discovers that the car accident and Donovan’s possession are linked by a dark secret that John must unravel to not only rid Donovan of the evil, but to potentially save his son’s life.





snowangels copyAn early morning phone call stirs Winn awake to find that his wife is missing. There is a stranger on the other end of the phone that claims he has kidnapped Winn’s wife. If Winn ever wants to see her alive again, he must bring the stranger his son…who died three years ago.

Upon visiting the cemetery where his son was buried, Winn is shocked to find an empty hole where his son was laid to rest.

Winn is thrown into a search for the man responsible for all of this, a man that local fables have labelled a monster of sorts. He must face his own demons along the way, discovering that the darkness within himself might be darker than anything he had previously imagined.



broken-nihgtlightsBroken Nightlights is a collection of thirteen short stories by Barry Napier, all published in print or online publications over the past four years. The stories included in the collection walk the fragile line between horror and supernatural fiction, often merging the two voids as one.

A young boy discovers a unique way to cope with the tragic loss of his father.

A trip home from the local bar on a wintry night quickly turns into a nightmare for a small group of men.

A twist on classic legends about musicians selling their souls to the Devil reveals the darker side to music.

A book written by the most sadistic people in history continues to grow in length with each new person that reads it.

And much more…

From the spectral fringes of hope to the jagged edges of damnation, 13 Broken Nightlights is a perfect fit for those that enjoy traditional ghost stories as well as those that are seeking something much darker.

“Whether on the greens of a country club (in Farewell, From the Eleventh Hole), in what goes on behind closed doors at the office (in All The Little Secrets) or a young boy poised to deal with the sadness of death and the question of whether ghosts truly exist (in Riding in Trucks With Ghosts), Napier’s talents for exploring the deep corners of dark fiction are illustrated with skill in this 13-story collection.” – from an review

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A MOUTH FOR PICKET FENCES (poetry-currently out of print)

The bulk of the poems within are mostly dark, but not so dark that they would fall neatly into the genre of “horror poetry.” The collection deals with normal people, assumed to be living within the same neighborhood or town, and how they are affected by loss, the presence of evil and the testing of their moral and spiritual beliefs.

Broken into three parts, A Mouth for Picket Fences operates with a very subtle narrative thread connecting the three parts.

I’m a big fan of imagery, especially poems which surprise and sometimes shock. These kind of treats fill A Mouth for Picket Fences…If you like dark poetry and delight in surprises, look no further.  – Skull Salad Reviews

A Mouth for Picket Fences showcases Barry Napier’s unique voice and maturing skill as a poet. His is a name worth watching, and “A Mouth for Picket Fences” is a collection worth reading.     – Shroud Magazine

Barry Napier’s collection of around forty poems is a substantial work worthy of wider notice. It courageously explores areas of life that are left untouched by many other art forms.    -The Future Fire Reviews


A poetry chapbook. A series of poems that interconnect to tell the story of an unfortunate expedition into uncharted regions of the jungle to locate a fabled artifact. Upon discovering it, the explorers find that some things were never meant for human hands. Some things are best left undiscovered in the darker pits of the world.

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